Links I Love 11.16.14


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Hey there!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. I’m so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, so I plan to only do the necessary things today and then be as lazy as possible to try to rest up for next week. I’ve been running like crazy between work and everything else and need to catch up on some much needed sleep! What about you? What do you have planned for today?

Hopefully you penciled in some time to read through some of my favorite links from this week. I didn’t have a ton of time to read through my blog feed this week, but I still managed to find a ton of really interesting articles and some tasty recipes to share. I hope you enjoy them!

best tips and tricks i’ve read about this week

Weightless Arm Workout via Blogilates – I think lifting may have started to aggravate my right elbow so this looks like a great way to keep strength training without aggravating it even more!

4 Kitchen Hacks That Can Help You Lose Weight via Women’s Health – This will be very helpful during the holiday season.

7 Free Tutorials on How to Cook Practically Anything via Daily Burn – Love this tutorial on how to roast any winter squash.

You Will Be Able To See Me, National Running Safety Month via Hungry Runner Girl – Tips for running in the dark and some great reflective gear.

Top 5 Health and Fitness Mistakes via A Lady Goes West/Housewife Glamour – Are you making these mistakes? If you are, no worries, they are easy to fix.

5 Great Reasons To Lay Off The Booze via Mind Body Green – Not a popular suggestion during the holiday season, but definitely worth taking into consideration.

12 Ways To Invite Kindness Into Your Life via Mind Body Green – A nice reminder on how you get what you give.

Healthy Holiday Hacks via Pop Sugar – Tons of great tips on how to deal with all aspects of the holiday season in a healthy way so you don’t undo a year of hard work.

The #1 Thing To Remember Before Comparing Yourself To Others via Mind Body Green – Social media is making us feel bad about ourselves.

3 Habits That Keep You Anxious & Unhappy via Mind Body Green – I’m guilty of all of these from time to time and am really trying to change that.

3 Ways To Eat Healthy Without Being Obsessive via Mind Body Green – Great healthy eating tips that will make you look at eating in a new way.


get in my belly!

Banana Funfetti Protein Cookies via Diary of a Semi-Health Nut – I’m DYING to try these! Anything with the word “funfetti” in it is good in my book! I’m obsessed with sprinkles! Especially the rainbow ones! 🙂

Vegan Apple Coconut Crumble Pie via Pop Sugar – I am all over this one. This needs to happen STAT!

Creamy Vegan Hot Cacao via Mind Body Green – I always have a hard time finding delicious non-dairy hot chocolate, so I’m excited to give this a try.

Peanut Butter, Coconut & Cinnamon Toast via Mind Body Green – I need this in my life!

Cashew Coconut Balls – Only 3 Ingredients, Raw & Vegan! via Running on Real Food – I’m always on the lookout for the perfect non-dairy pre-workout snack. These sound delicious!

Fiesta Frittata via Peanut Butter Fingers – Never thought to add rice and black beans to a frittata to make it more filling, but this sounds delicious!

One For Nut Butter Lovers: Thai Peanut Chicken Stir Fry via Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat – YUM! This sounds like a great alternative to help shake up your stir fry routine!

Our 25 Most Pinned Thanksgiving Recipes via Pop Sugar – I’m on the lookout for the perfect Thanksgiving side dish, so this definitely helped give me some ideas.

6 Alternative Flours For Gluten-Free Baking via Pop Sugar – Easy ways to make everyone’s bellies happy with your homemade holiday treats.


other random reads

How Much It Takes To Run Off Your Holiday Treat via Fit Sugar – This makes me sad.

I Want You To Stop Saying, “I’ll Start Tomorrow.” via Run, Selfie, Repeat – A comical take on common excuses and why we need to kick them to the curb!

Why It’s Easy To Transform Some Areas of Your Life & Not Others via Mind Body Green – Find out what’s holding you back and work toward resolving it.

Racing Needs Volunteers and Spectators via Competitor – Spectators don’t know how much they are appreciated by runners on race day.

Hungry Runner Girl: My Favorite Accessories via Women’s Running – These earbuds and running belt are on my wish list!

Getting Motivated To Work Out via Run, Selfie, Repeat – I seriously love how she brings humor into everything and totally calls us all out on the stupid excuses we make to justify not going to the gym.

Does Your Mind Wander? Thoughts While Running or Working Out. via The Fit Switch – I absolutely loved this topic. I always think about the most random things and come up with some great ideas when I’m working out, so it was fun to read about what others think too!

Thoughts During A Half Marathon via Jill Conyers – I love hearing that I’m not the only one who thinks these things!

Battle of the Balms via The Small Things Blog – I’m a balm addict, so naturally, I had to check this out to see if there was one I was missing out on and needed to add to my collection.

Reflective Gear For Running After Dark via Competitor – Celebrate National Running Safety Month by picking up some reflective gear!

The Post Race Blues via Run, Selfie, Repeat – I think this was why I signed up for so many races when I was running.

‘Live More, Want Less’ via Allison Anderson – I need this book! It has a tip a day to improve your life over the course of a year.

Runner DQ’d After Suspicious Marathon Victory via Competitor – Wow! Now I really want to know what happened here.

How Practicing Self-Compassion Can Lead To Enlightenment via Mind Body Green – Be kind to yourself.

Questions of the Day:

What are your plans today? 

Do you prefer low-key weekends or ones packed with activities?


13 thoughts on “Links I Love 11.16.14

  1. I think you can put the word funfetti in anything and I will try to make it.

    This weekend was super jam packed, and every minute was basically amazing. But I need a mix of busy and relaxed or I go crazy.


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