#ProudToBeMe – Changing Your Way of Thinking For The Better

Hello there!

As you all probably know by now, I’m participating in the Proud To Be Me Campaign with some of my Sweat Pink sisters this month and it’s been such a great experience so far. I’m already getting really sad thinking about this ending at the end of the month and that we’re over halfway done with this campaign. It has really inspired me to shift my way of thinking about myself and my body and I’m ecstatic I decided to participate. It’s provided me with a few “Ah ha!” moments so far that I will be forever grateful for.


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I’ve been posting my responses to the daily prompts via Twitter (<— Be my friend!) but wanted to do a weekly roundup of my responses here since some of you may not catch all the updates on Twitter and also to spread the word about the campaign. You can check out a recap of my experience during the first week of this campaign here. You can also search”#ProudToBeMe” on Twitter and Instagram at the end of each day to read what everyone else is posting. It’s very inspiring!

Here are my #ProudToBeMe responses from this week. Make sure you share yours below too! I can’t wait to hear all about them!

Nov 10th: 1 strength I have is my ability to ______

1 strength I have is my ability to be creative and never give up on the things I really want in life.

Nov 11th: 1 unique quality about myself is that I ___________

1 unique quality about myself is my ability to stay driven and determined to succeed in challenging situations.

Nov 12th: Today I will focus on my (name a positive trait) ___________

Today I will focus on the positive sense of self I’ve been working on building and not let anyone make me doubt it.

Nov 13th: 1 positive thing my body allows me to do is ________

1 positive thing my body allows me to do is move freely and enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

Nov 14th: I love my (1 positive thing in your life) ________

I love my friends and family. I am truly blessed with the people that are a part of my life and don’t know what I would do without them.

Nov 15th: I am a great friend because I __________

I am a great friend because I know when to listen, when to talk and when to pretend like nothing happened and move on!

Nov 16th: My (body part) is/are perfect ________

My feet and toes are perfect! I love them, especially after a fresh pedicure!

Questions of the Day:

What makes you a great friend?

What is one positive thing your body allows you to do?

What is one positive thing about yourself that you are proud of and makes you special?


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11 thoughts on “#ProudToBeMe – Changing Your Way of Thinking For The Better

  1. When I crossed the finish line of my last half of the year I literally thanked my body for not giving up on me. My body allows me to do one of the things I love most in life, run.

    Love reading your Proud To Be Me!


    • Thank you! I completely agree! We forget how lucky we are sometimes to be able to be active, move and break a sweat doing the things we love to do.


  2. I love this. Everything is positive. What great prompts. I love how determined you are! And, hurrah for loving you feet. I don’t know anyone else how does but me. : )


    • Haha! I know right? A good friend knows when to just completely ignore the dumb thing you just did or said and move on! haha!

      Also, I just realized we have the same name and spell it the same way which is very rare! 🙂


  3. I love that my body allows me to move. I often think about that on a walk outdoors. I am blessed to have feet and legs, because they allow me to enjoy my walk as I stride on by.


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