#ProudToBeMe – Out With The Negative, In With The Positive!


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I’m participating in the Proud To Be Me Campaign with some of my Sweat Pink sisters this month and it’s been such a great experience so far. I’ve been posting my responses to the daily prompts via Twitter (<— Be my friend!) but wanted to do a weekly roundup of my responses here since some of you may not catch all the updates on Twitter and also to spread the word about the campaign a little more. I really love searching “#ProudToBeMe” at the end of each day to read what everyone else is posting. It’s very inspiring!

Here are my #ProudToBeMe responses so far. It’s been somewhat challenging to think of answers to some of the prompts, but that’s exactly why it’s so important to do this. We spend so much time picking ourselves apart and focusing on the negatives, that we forget to celebrate the positives. I’m really hoping that #ProudToBeMe helps us start to shift our way of thinking to something more positive! Make sure you share yours below too! I can’t wait to hear all about them!

Prompt: I love my (personality trait).

I love my compassionate nature.


Prompt: I’m proud that I _______. 

I’m proud that I joined the Sweat Pink Ambassadors and started my blog! Two of the best decisions I have made so far!


Prompt: I do _____ well.

I show up to help support my friends and family and help them carry their burdens if they get to be to much.


Prompt: I am (positive adjective) because ________.

I am compassionate because everyone deserves to feel like someone cares and they are not alone.


Prompt: I recently (action you did) that made me feel proud of myself.

I choreographed a spin class routine for myself and was dripping in sweat by the end. That made me feel proud!


Prompt: I love my (body part).

I love my eyes because I think they show how honest and genuine of a person I am.


Prompt: I am a (positive adjective) person.

I am a caring and thoughtful person.


Prompt: Two positive words to describe the way I treat others are _____ and _____.

Two positive words to describe the way I treat others are loyal and supportive.

Prompt: 1 thing I do to help others is______.

1 thing I do to help others is to write things for them. I know this sounds silly, but a lot of people ask me to write emails, proposals and other sorts of things for them because I’m good at wording things.

Questions of the Day:

What are two positive adjectives that you would use to describe yourself?

What is one thing you’ve done recently that you’re proud of?



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11 thoughts on “#ProudToBeMe – Out With The Negative, In With The Positive!

  1. What a great post. I love the positives! 🙂 Two adjectives I would use to describe myself is enthusiastic and loving. And one thing I have done recently that I am proud of is applied for the Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals. I wasn’t sure if I would apply at first b/c I didn’t want to come across as pompous, but we all deserve to be recognized for our careers. Especially if we are so passionate about it and want to do the best we can. I applied and am proud of myself for taking that leap, even if I do not get it.


    • That’s awesome! Fingers crossed for you! The whole point of this campaign is to realize that we are allowed to be proud and celebrate our accomplishments and that doesn’t make us pompous! I’m glad you stuck with your gut and applied! Just because you want to be recognized for your accomplishments, doesn’t make you a bad person! We all deserve to be recognized!


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