5 Things Friday – Happy Halloween!


Did I scare you?!?!

Happy Halloween!

I’m so excited that Halloween is on a Friday this year! It makes it a lot more fun to be able to have Halloween parties on Halloween! Are you guys doing anything fun for Halloween today? I’m going to the gym to get a good workout in before I head out to a friends’ party. I’m hoping that since it’s Halloween, the weight room will be less busy than usual so I can get in strength training workout #2 toward my completing my workout challenge for the week! Fingers crossed!

1. To start the celebration out right, here are some cute puppies in Halloween costumes! I can’t even begin with the amount of cuteness here! I mean Winnie the Pooh?!?!


Source here.

This one kind of reminds me of Bella! So sweet!


Source here.

I’m not entirely sure what this costume is, but this fluffy puppy is adorable!


Source here.



Source here.

Okay… okay… I’m done! But seriously how cute are they though?!?!

2. I’ve been having some crazy weird dreams lately. In the first one I was at a pool party at the Kardashian’s house with my mom and some other friends and all of a sudden everyone I knew was gone and I was all alone! Then people were randomly throwing things at me. WEIRD. The second one was that I was on stage at a concert singing with Britney Spears but I didn’t know the words to the song! WHAT IS HAPPENING? I mean lets be real here. The likelihood that I wouldn’t know the song I was singing on stage with Britney is VERY slim. I mean my Britney song repertoire is not as current as it once was but I think I’d probably be okay. I mean I did know the entire dance for “Baby One More Time” and consider doing the dance to “Sometimes” for a talent show at school with some friends back in the day. Also, what is the likelihood that they would pull someone from the crowd to sing an obscure Britney song? They ALWAYS pick well known songs for this kind of stuff. ALWAYS.

I think there might be something in the air because my aunt had a really crazy dream too. I won’t get into the details of it, but it was also insanely crazy and out of character for her! The moral of the story here is that people in Tacoma, WA are having crazy dreams so you better stay away unless of course terrifying celebrity encounters via dream land appeal to you. Then by all means, come for a visit. I could use a break from the crazy dreams for a night or two.

3. I went to Target after spin class Tuesday night to pick up the new Taylor Swift album that came out on Monday and this is what I saw.


?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! I immediately started freaking out and found one lone cd hiding in the cd aisle and did a little happy dance. Then, I walked 20 more feet and saw this. WTF!


At least I was able to get my hands on a copy and have been listening to it non-stop since I got it. I’m beyond obsessed with it.


4. I joined a book club got together with with two friends and picked a book to read. The first one we picked was “The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks so that we could go see the movie together after we all finished reading it.


I chose the second book, which is “Someday, Someday, Maybe” by Lauren Graham, who was the mom on Gilmore Girls!


We haven’t started reading this one yet though so I’m reading this one in the mean time. I love Kristin’s blog on Runner’s World, so I’m excited to dig into this book. I’ve heard it’s a really great read!


5. So I think the waitress at the lunch spot that Mickie and I frequent during the week is slipping poison into my food a little bit at a time each time I go there because the last couple times I’ve been there, I’ve gotten really sick after eating. Okay… okay… I know that sounds really crazy but hear me out for a minute. Our usual waitress completely ignores me whenever we go there, but Facebook stalks Mickie and is always showing her photos of her boyfriend and son. My theory is that she’s trying to kill me off so she can have Mickie all to herself to talk her ear off about anything and everything like she always does when we’re there but if I’m not there, she can do it without feeling bad for excluding me. It’s just a hunch, but I think I’m right on this one!




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Questions of the Day:

Are you dressing up your pets in costumes this year? 

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?

What are you doing to celebrate today?


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10 thoughts on “5 Things Friday – Happy Halloween!

    • There’s just something about a sappy chick flick that bonds people, isn’t there?!?

      I did! I read the book and watched the movie. I was full on ugly crying to that one. There wasn’t even a way to hide it in thr theater because I was crying so hard that I just gave up! Haha! I looked like a mess after it was over! Thankfully so did almost everyone else there too so it was okay!


    • I’m beyond obsessed with it! It’s all I’ve been listening to. I think I need to give it a little bit of a break so I don’t get sick of it too quickly! What’s your favorite song so far?


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