Getting Out of My Workout Funk + Workout Challenge

Hello and Happy Wednesday! You’ve made it half way through the work week, so give yourself a much deserved pat on the back for that! 🙂


Lately, I feel like I’ve been lacking the motivation to do much else at the gym besides attend a few spin classes a week. Granted I usually spin for 80-90 minutes when I go to class, but that doesn’t make up for the strength training I’ve been skipping out on lately. I used to attend 3 spin classes, 2 boot camp classes and then incorporate strength training/core work on my own a couple times a week. But after I hit a few bumps in the road this summer, I started considering just making it to 3-4 spin classes a week a huge victory. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a huge victory to make it to spin and I definitely give myself kudos for that, but I know it’s time to get back into the swing of things and make strength training/core work a part of my weekly workout routine once again. The first step is admitting you need to change right?

Now, even though I know I need to make a change, I’ve been having a hard time implementing the changes I know I need to make. I can always find an excuse like “their aren’t any free benches in the weight room,” “I’m too hungry and tired to lift after spin” or “the class I want to take starts too late at night.” But I’m done with the excuses today and ready to make a change! You are all my witnesses, so hold me to it!


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I’ve been talking with my friend Katie about doing some sort of workout challenge to help hold us both accountable for incorporating more strength training into our weekly workouts since we both have been cardio junkies lately. We both thought it would be helpful to have an accountability buddy to help us through the process of getting motivated again! Here’s the challenge we came up with:

3x strength training sessions of at least 30 minutes each week, in addition to our normal cardio workout routine.

I think this is more than doable and I’m excited to get back in the swing of things. I’m already signed back up for my old boot camp classes and can’t wait to see those ladies again! I’ll be posting updates of my progress on this challenge here each week to hold myself accountable. So get ready to see more pictures like this…


And this in the future because strength training here I come!


Are you interested in joining the challenge? I’d love to have you! Make sure to comment below so we can all be accountable to each other and do some work! Working out is always more fun when it’s done with a group anyways, right? And if you feel like giving up, just remember this…


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Questions of the Day:

What is your favorite type of exercise? Me —> Running and spinning for sure but I love boot camp style classes also.

What do you do to get out of a workout funk?


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11 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Workout Funk + Workout Challenge

  1. Doesn’t it feel great to get your mojo back! It seems like time is the only thing that helps with being in a funk. Fortunately it doesn’t usually last very long. Running!! Followed closely by yoga.


    • It really does! I finally started lifting again yesterday after a couple month hiatus and it felt good to be back! I need to get into yoga now! I just wish the classes at my gym started earlier than 8:30! Booo!


  2. I love your plan of attack and your no excuses motto. that one always gets my booty in gear, because really, we can always come up with an excuse. And that weighted plank photo is truly inspiring. I love spin too, but it kills my legs! YOWz. So, I do a lot of HIIT. That’s my fave : )


  3. I love the photo caption at the beginning of the post hahaha made me literally lol ! Great post, and workout funks are always hard…..being a yoga instructor has helped me, because I don’t really have time to get in a funk ha anyways, I’m going to check out your Nuun GIVEAWAY! I have only recently tried the stuff, but I’m loving it! I have a Affirmats Yoga Mat giveaway happening on my blog if you are interested! @NFSisters -Brittany #DishtheFit


    • Glad you liked it! I can imagine being an instructor would make it hard to get stuck in a funk! The Nuun giveaway ended on Monday, but I’m running a SweatyBand giveaway now that you should totally check out! I’m heading over to check out yours now! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Way to get back at it! I love the quote btw, I have used that one to get out of bed for my 5am wake up calls many times! My favorite workouts would have to be swim, bike, run, yoga… Need more time in the day!


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