5 Things Friday – Sweat Pink, Workout Leggings for Pants and Pumpkin Lights


Friday is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got big plans for this weekend that I’m excited to get to! I have an entire day of crafts, cooking and movies planned for Saturday with my mom and aunt since the weather is supposed to be yucky around here. It will definitely be fun and hopefully productive too because we’ve got a lot of things to accomplish on our agenda, like making a healthy crockpot dinner, a dairy-free Halloween dessert, apple nachos and taking LOTS of photos for some upcoming blog posts. I’m trying to improve my blog photo skills a little this weekend because I’m working on some posts that require a little more professional looking photos than the ones I usually take from my iPhone, so fingers crossed that all works out. We will see!

So here are five random things I wanted to share with you this Friday. Make sure you share some randomness in the comments section below. Enjoy!

1.  I got a super exciting email yesterday morning saying that I was selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! EEEEKKK!


I’m so excited to be a part of this healthy community inspiring women to get out, break a sweat and feel pretty doing it! I can’t wait to get to know some of the other ambassadors and to get started writing for them! I’ll make sure to share everything here for you guys to check out too.

Here’s the mission of Sweat Pink, in case you’re curious. 🙂

Sweat Pink

2. I truly think I get a better more intense workout when I’m working out to my own music. I know I’ve mentioned this on here before, but I experienced it again yesterday so I felt like it was worth mentioning again. I really hope that the instructors don’t find it rude that I prefer to listen to my own music sometimes, but it’s just hard to get into someone else’s choice of music sometimes, especially when it’s hard rock (UGH). I always make sure to still follow along with what the rest of the class is doing, so there’s that at least!


Side note, but am I the only one who sometimes listens to the same song on repeat for like 5 times during a workout? Sometimes I just really get into a song and don’t want it to end! Yesterday, this was the song I chose over and over and over again!


3. I went to put on real clothes, instead of workout clothes this morning, and just could not bring myself to wear jeans to work today. My solution, wear workout leggings, a long top and boots and no one will know the difference. The end result left me looking like an actual normal member of society that wears real clothes to work, while being comfy at the same time. Sounds like a win win to me! As I was walking in to work today, this question kept crossing my mind:

Did I just discover the secret to lifelong happiness?

I know this is something that people have been doing for years now so it’s not new news by any means, but it is new to me so I thought I should share my moment of brilliance two years behind the trends of fashion!

In case you’re wondering which leggings I used, here they are! They are seamless on the side, which is usually what gives it away when girls wear workout leggings as actual leggings and are thick enough so that there aren’t any peek-a-boo moments. Perfection!


4. I think I’m going to be really sad when Halloween is over because I’ll have to take down all my festive decorations. Check out these super cute pumpkin lights I added to my race bib board at work this week. SO CUTE!


5. I’ve got a surprise for you guys coming up next week! I’ll give you one hint…


Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out!

Questions of the Day:

Tell me one random thought!

Have you worn your workout leggings as real pants before?

What are your fun plans for this weekend?


3 thoughts on “5 Things Friday – Sweat Pink, Workout Leggings for Pants and Pumpkin Lights

  1. I love your race bib board at work. Such a cute idea!

    And I feel you on the leggings as real clothes. I basically do that same thing every day. And then feel guilty once or twice a week and wear jeans. 🙂


    • Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I actually just bought another pair today because I’ve decided to give in to the leggings as pants thing. They’re just too comfy not to!


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