Food for Thought on Thoughtful Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all have been having a great week so far and have some fun things planned for your weekend!

Today, I wanted to talk about something a little more serious than normal. A lot of things in my life have changed lately and it’s left me with a lot of questions I have been trying to figure out the answers to. Because of that, I’ve been spending a lot of time on The Daily Love and reading “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” by the creator of The Daily Love, Mastin Kipp looking for direction and inspiration.

Since my purpose for this blog is to share my journey and challenge you all to become the best versions of yourself, both mentally and physically, that you can be, I thought I would share some inspiration I came across this week that stuck with me.




And these are a couple of parts from the weekly Daily Love email that stuck out to me. If you’d like to receive this, you can subscribe to it here.



Questions of the Day:

What are some things that have inspired you this week?

Have you ever felt like you lost your direction in life? How did you get yourself back on track?

What’s something fun you have planned for this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Food for Thought on Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Sorry to hear life is challenging at the moment. Yes, I think we all have times in our lives where we lose a bit of direction. Life constantly ebbs & flows but it’s the hard times when you make the most growth! This week a close friend has been inspiring me. I cannot wait for the weekend. A day in Denver w/ my husband (I will be at a cool mall I hardly go to while he is down the road shopping for a new motorcycle helmet). Saturday night we are having a BBQ with ourselves since both our college teams play and both games are actually on TV!! YAY. Sunday is a day at the pool with my 3 1/2 year old nephew! I am sure we’ll be exhausted at the end of that. How about you? Plans?


    • Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it. That’s funny that you say the hard times are where we see the most growth because that’s what I keep telling myself.

      I’m so glad you have a close friend that is inspiring to you! It’s really important to surround yourself with those kinds of people so kudos to you!

      Sounds like a packed weekend! I hope you have fun! I’m going to a seminar with a friend tomorrow night that I’m really excited about and then going to the pumpkin patch with a friend on Sunday. Should be fun!


      • It is SO important to surround ourselves with those that live a life we admire and respect. With all the social media (which is great) it is easy to just get overloaded with messages that don’t resonate with your spirit, and yet all of a sudden you find yourself getting pulled into it. Take care!


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