Drink More Water Challenge Update + Friday Photo Round Up

Happy Friday everyone!!!

This week has seemed like the longest week in existence so I’m so happy for a little bit of a break this weekend. I’ve got a lot of fun friends and family things planned, along with some much needed “me” time, this weekend so I’m excited to get started with all of that! I was actually contemplating buying some pumpkin scented bubble bath and finally accepting and embracing that it’s fall, but then I 1) couldn’t find any, 2) decided it wasn’t a necessity to smell like a pumpkin pie and  3) decided bubble bath might be taking the whole PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for those out of the Starbucks loop) thing a little too far. Don’t worry though, I have plenty of pumpkin goodness on the horizon for you all in the very near future, so get ready! It’s going to be exciting!

I know you all are dying to know how my challenge to see if I can drown myself from the inside out each day with a gallon of water (aka my Drink More Water Challenge) is going. I have to say, it’s a little (okay a lot) harder than I originally thought it would be, but I’m not giving up! I almost finished it all on Day 2, but I started to feel a little too full, so I stopped. Basically, my goal each day is to try to drink as much as I can without making myself sick in the process. I drink when I can and stop when I feel too full for more. No need getting sick over a bunch of silly water here people!

So, as I promised, here are my results so far! I’d love to hear about how the challenge is going for you if you’re also participating. 🙂

Week One Water Challenge

Now, on to some random photos from this week.

This is how the first few days of fall have looked around here. I was literally wearing shorts and TOMS last Sunday and this is what is has looked like around here pretty much every day since. The only thing good about it is that I was finally able to break out my spiffy rain boots this morning. Other than that, not excited about it.


This is my parents dog, Coco, and her go to move when you approach her is to roll over into this position in hopes your give her a good belly rub. So cute!


I know it looks like she hates me, but she really loves me. Sometimes we spend some quality bonding time together and catch up on life.


Bella (my dog) and Coco love snuggling together. My dog loves to bury herself in mounds of blankets, if you couldn’t tell that already.


Staying true to my drink more water challenge by drinking water, instead of wine, during our wine Wednesday tradition. Yes, I did wear my workout clothes to the restaurant. Don’t hate. I bet I was the comfiest person in that place!


Mickie got the teriyaki chicken sandwich and fries for lunch. It did not disappoint. YUM! (I obviously tried a bite!)  (sorry for the bad lighting on this photo)


I got my usual chicken sriracha sandwich and fries. It also did not disappoint. Probably why I order it every. single. time.


This is how you know you’ve become a regular at a bar. They start giving you free bottles of wine just because. Even though this kind is one of my new favorites, I stayed true to my water challenge and didn’t have any. 😦


Here are some pretty flowers from the market again this week. I’m going to be so sad when it closes down at the end of next month. I love my weekly trips to the market!


Questions of the Day:

What do you have planned for your weekend?

What’s something fun you did this week?

What’s your favorite kind of wine?


8 thoughts on “Drink More Water Challenge Update + Friday Photo Round Up

  1. Hey, I have workout clothes that I work out in and then I have workout clothes that I wear as just clothes! I work from home 3 x per week so this is the most comfortable thing while still feeling put together 🙂 Excited for 2 miles of running this week (coming back from injury). Weekend is biking, yoga, nephew soccer game, a party and all day Sunday football, baking, art work. I love when I stay home and have football on all day while still doing my creative stuff. Fav wine = sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio but I do enjoy a good red when the weather gets colder!


    • Ahhh! You’re a girl after my own heart! I came to the realization this week that I need to get more workout clothes so I don’t wear the same 5 outfits to work every week! Do you have any favorite gear that you would recommend? Also, KUDDOS TO YOU on the super active weekend you have planned! Way to go! I hope you enjoy your run! There’s something about finally being able to run after an injury that makes you appreciate it so much more!


      • I shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I hit the sale rack so I have everything from Brooks to Under Armour! It is kind of funny because my actual workout gear is Champion (from Target). I love the shorts, bras and tanks. I just can’t see sweating in expensive Nike stuff. Is that crazy? Oh, yes, the few miles of running this week were amazing. Just trying not to get greedy. My goal is 3 miles next week (basically I do 4 1/2 miles but have 1 mile in that be running). And I can do that 3 x next week. Such a small amount but my last run was end of May so anything feels so great!


        • That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re enjoying your runs! I just got a tank from target that I’m obsessed with. I posted about it here acoupleofdashes.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/make-me-happy-monday-9-15-14/ if you can find it, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing at least one!


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