Drink More Water Challenge + Stepping Up Our Game


How’s your week going so far? Good I hope! You know what’s weird about Tuesday? It’s like the forgotten day in the middle. Everyone hates Monday and Wednesday has a ton of fun Hump Day jokes to keep you laughing all day, long but Tuesday is the most forgettable day of the week. So sad!


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Last week Mickie and I came up with a few things we wanted to focus on to step up our game and work on taking more control over our life and our happiness. I’m still putting the finishing touches on my list, but I’ll post it here later this week so you can all help hold me accountable! Yesterday was the first day of our challenge, so I wanted to share with you how things are going so far.

The first item on our list was to dress up for work on Mondays. I know this might sound silly to most of you, but we work in an insanely laid back office without any form of a dress code. Most of the time I show up in the outfit I plan to wear to the gym after work because I’m too lazy to change between work and the gym if I don’t have to. I also usually show up with my hair still wet from the shower and let it air dry during the day and put it up in a bun once it’s dry. I know. I know. I definitely need to step up my game.

photo 2

These are our dress up Monday outfits! Mickie is a seller so she actually has to venture out into the public and look professional so she had to put on heels and all that fun stuff. I sit at a computer in a mostly empty office all day, so jeans and sandals are considered dressing up for my position.


The other part of our plan we started yesterday was our drink more water challenge. We decided to challenge ourselves to drink a gallon of water a day! EEEEEKKK! Hopefully we don’t drown from the inside out!

These are our water jugs, some of our supplies to decorate our jugs (I’ll make sure to post a pic of our jugs once we’re finished decorating them) and some supplies for the other items on our list that I’ll fill you in on later this week. I’m very excited about this and think it’s going to be good for the both of us! It’s also great to have a support buddy to keep you accountable!

photo 1

This has nothing to do with our challenge, but Mickie bought me these little cuties for my desk to help bring the Halloween spirit to our office! Aren’t they adorable?!?! The witch is a bobble head! (Yes, that is my finger on the side of the photo. Whoops! Better luck next time!)

photo 3

So now time for the grand reveal of how I did on the first day of our drink more water challenge! I know you can hardly wait! 🙂

photo (2)

Not bad, but not great either. I think a gallon may be a little bit ambitious, but I’m willing to give it a go for another couple of days to see if it gets easier. If not, I may have to cut back my amount to something a little more attainable.

So what do you think? Are you going to join in on the drink more water challenge with us? If so, comment below! We’d love to have you join in on the fun!

Questions of the Day:

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Have you ever done a “drink more water” challenge?

What is one thing on your list to help you take more control over your life and happiness?


12 thoughts on “Drink More Water Challenge + Stepping Up Our Game

  1. Is this a drink more water per day or while at work challenge? Because if you’re only drinking it at work, that may be ambitious, but think about all the water you consume at the gym, etc. Something that is difficult for me sometimes is drinking room temp water. I know it’s horrible, but sometimes it makes it harder for me to keep wanting it and I’ll need to refresh some cold water in my glass to keep on drinking. I think that would be hard. Also, the gallon jugs are probably not the easiest thing to drink out of. Maybe you should get a straw haha. I bought a super cute water bottle for my bike the other day – I’ll have to send you a picture!


    • HAHAHA! No, it’s just over the course of the day. I took the remainder of what I didn’t drink home from work yesterday but still couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Oh well, at least I’m trying! haha! So I HATE room temperature water also, so what I’ve been doing is filling up my gallon jug of water and keeping it in the fridge and using that water to refill my water bottle for my desk, the gym, tv time at home, etc from as a way to keep track of the amount I’m drinking if that makes any sense. YES! Send me a pic of your water bottle! 🙂


  2. Can’t go wrong with water. I prefer cold water. Somehow it just goes down better. I’ve never done an actual drink more water challenge but I have told myself to drink more water. That kinda counts, right?


    • Haha! Me too! I’m just putting the water in a jug in the fridge and using it to fill up my smaller water bottle so I can keep track of the amount I’m drinking but still have the water be cold too. I think what you’ve done counts though! You should join the challenge with us! It’ll be fun! 🙂


  3. Maybe. I think it plays (good) tricks on our minds when we “climb a mountain” one step at a time. In other words, get an 8oz glass and a wide straw and just refill that glass. It seems less daunting to drink 8oz than it does 20oz and so forth. Our minds tend to like little victories and it is mentally encouraging to keep seeing that glass become empty so many times. You could graduate to a little but bigger one as time goes on. I only discovered this because when you are pregnant they really encourage/demand that you drink a ton, so I had to experiment.


    • That makes sense. I think I would have given up a long time ago if I had to drink it out of the gallon jug. That would be no good. Hahaha!


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