Do the Puyallup Fair + Weekend in Review

Hello! It’s so nice to see you here again today! ūüôā

Normally, I would do my weekend recap in the same post as Make Me Happy Monday, but there was just too much that went on this week to combine the two! I was busy busy busy! What did you do this weekend? Something fun I hope! Mine started off looking like this.


The good news is it’s all clean, so that’s a step in the right direction! I figured I needed to get on my laundry situation since I’ve been having issues with finding clean workout pants lately! Last week, I had to do a load of laundry in the morning and hope I had enough time in between when I got off work and when I needed to leave for spin for my pants to dry in the dryer. It all worked out, but I definitely cut it close! Now I just have to fold it all. Ewww… Maybe I’ll just wear it all first so I don’t have to. That sounds like a plan to me because that pile is looking a little too ambitious for me to want to tackle.

photo 5

Saturday morning, I headed to my CPR certification class at the local fire station. (Read more on my certification experience¬†here.)¬†Yay for being productive early on a Saturday and for being able to check one of the items off my list for becoming a spin instructor. The next item on my list is to take the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America’s (AFAA) G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Training class next month. If you’re interested in finding out more information on the training programs AFAA has to offer, check out their website here.

spin instructor2

Later that night, I had a girls dinner with my mom and one of her best friends. When I was younger, the three of us used to go for walks after school down at the waterfront by where I live, so it was really good to catch up. We went to the Nordstrom Bistro and I got my favorite fancy drink ever, the San Pellegrino Aranciata. I always feel classy drinking it out of a champagne flute!

photo 4

I also got my favorite go-to meal ever there, the Bistro Club sandwich. It’s a¬†sliced chicken sandwich topped with¬†organic baby greens, crisp bacon, roma tomato, avocado, french green beans with garlic aioli on toasted rustic bread (and yes, I stole that description from the menu on their website. hahaha!). YUM! They serve it with shoestring fries and a kalamata olive dip on the side that is to die for. Love!

photo 5

Sunday, I made my way out to Puyallup for the last day of the Puyallup Fair (or Washington State Fair if you must call it that). The Extreme Scream is one of the main ride attractions at the fair. It takes you all the way to the VERY top and then you free fall to the bottom and back up again. It’s really fun but enough to scare the pants off of you!


Let me preface these next two pictures with this. 1) I have a weird obsession with taking photos with mascots and 2) I was the only 29 year old girl standing in a line of 3 year olds for this photo op. How can you not take a photo with a chick wearing a headband though?!?! (Also note my Seahawks shirt. Yesterday was game day and I’ve developed a bit of superstition around wearing Seahawks gear on game day. It’s very weird for me to even care about these sorts of things but I do. The good news is we WON and it’s obviously because I remembered to wear my shirt!)


This is just down right photo gold in my book. Couldn’t have asked for a better shot.


Every time I go to the fair, I HAVE to get a Krusty Pup corn dog and curly fries. It’s kind of my thing. Right after this photo was taken, I tried to take a big bite out of it and completely forgot that it just came out of the fryer and was insanely hot. It burnt my tongue. Whoops.


Then we were off to find the art exhibit where my uncle entered a painting for the first time this year so we could vote for him for people’s choice! This is a photo of the same piece from the last art show he entered it in (he won second place for People’s Choice there!!!) since photos¬†weren’t allowed at this exhibit.


Then it was back on to me acting like a little kid again. I once again waited in line with all of the three year olds to get this shot because I NEEDED to take advantage of this photo op! Who doesn’t want their head on a giant bee?!?! It seemed like a no brainer to me!


I also have a weird obsession with tractors. My dream is to drive one someday.


Our fair has a contest for the best agricultural displays also which is pretty interesting to look at. It’s not something you see at most fairs, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites for you to take a look at. (If you’d like to read more about the concept behind agricultural arrangements, check out this site.)


This one is a Seahawks 12th Man arrangement!


This one is a comparison between the old and new. If you look¬†closely, you’ll see old and modern versions of both the windmills in the middle and the pitch forks on either side.


After that, it was animal time. These little chicks were hilarious. The two brown ones on the outside were snuggled up together and white and grey one crawled over them and plopped himself down in the middle. What a little trouble maker!


The bunnies were hard to find, but let me tell you… I wasn’t leaving until I saw some fluffy little ones! So cute!


These foot massagers are a staple at the fair here. I forgot how nice they felt after a long day of walking! This lady was clearly not amused by the photo opp happening here!


Fair scones are a BEYOND HUGE deal here. We went to get a couple when we found a place that didn’t have a line a mile long (I’m not exaggerating. People will wait in line for hours for fair scones here.) but they said it was going to be a 45 minute wait for 2, so we got strawberry shortcake instead.


Pretty ūüôā


And that was what I did this weekend. What did you do this weekend? Make sure to comment below! I’d love to hear all about it!


Questions of the day:

What did you do this weekend?

Did you go to the fair this year?

What’s your favorite fair eat?


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