Make Me Happy Monday 9.15.14

Hello and welcome to Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to do something fun! This weekend I did a lot of eating, sweating and sleeping, with some friend time mixed in.

unnamed (4)

I met up with Katie for girls’ night and we had dinner at Bahama Breeze, which is a fun island themed restaurant.


She had the fish tacos. (Sorry for the over exposed photo. Stupid window!)

unnamed (1)

I had the chipotle beef bowl with extra guac.

unnamed (2)

This has always been my favorite part of eating at Bahama Breeze. I love that they draw a fun little picture on your takeout box! We went and got pedicures afterwards, but I’ll spare you an up close photo of my tootsies! 🙂

Now, on to the things I’ve been enjoying for your reading pleasure. Make sure you comment below about some of the things you’ve been enjoying lately!


I’m beyond obsessed with this song right now. It brings a smile to my face every time I listen to it. I listened to it about 20 times on repeat when I was getting ready and driving to dinner last night. I apologize if you happened to be in one of the cars around me when I was listening to this. I couldn’t help but do a little car dance, so I’m sure that was funny to watch! I also kind of want to get my hair cut like Taylor’s now. HAHA!


Source here.

I’ve discovered a lot of new favorite shows this week, the first one is Naked and Afraid. Am I the only one that is completely obsessed with this show right now? I’m completely mystified why someone would sign up to be trapped in the wilderness without the guarantee of a proper food and water source for an entire month. Apparently the whole survivalist thing just isn’t my thing. The lack of food and water is bad, but the real part that gets me is why on earth would you want to live in the wilderness without underwear for an entire month. That just seems like a really bad idea to me.


Source here.

Since I grew up in the era of the boy bands, I Heart Nick Carter was naturally right up my alley. This show follows Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and his fiance, Lauren, through the wedding process. Lauren, who is not famous, has to get used to being in the public eye also, which is a point of contention. It also helps that Nick was my favorite Backstreet Boy! Obsessed!


Source here.

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually watched Couples Therapy before this weekend, but I was BEYOND excited to see that Juan Pablo and Nikki of The Bachelor were going to be on this season. I know, I know. I’m a sucker, but I couldn’t help it. I HAVE to see how it all works out for them. So far, it looks like Juan Pablo is still a jerk and Nikki is still putting up with it. Shocker. I’m interested to see what Dr. Berman has in store for them this season. I was also excited to see that Evil Dick from season 8 of Big Brother was also going to be on the show with his estranged girlfriend, Stephanie.


photo 3

photo 4

I just picked up this workout tank from Target and I love it! It’s the perfect combination of fitted but not too tight, which is hard to find. I also really like how the sides are made up of ventilated panels to help you stay cool. It also has an attached coordinating sports bra, so it’s a two for one! The black and white dot pattern on the bra is super cute and the main reason why I picked this up to being with. This comes in multiple different colors also, but this one was my favorite!

Now for some link love for some of my favorite blog posts of the week. Make sure to check them out below!


Questions of the Day:

What’s something you’ve been liking lately?

What’s something you’ve read that has was inspiring to you?

What’s your favorite thing to do for girls’ night? 


8 thoughts on “Make Me Happy Monday 9.15.14

  1. I love that song too! On my running play list. Hasn’t seen the music video yet though, makes it a lot better. My fave right now is “all that bass”!


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