A Little FFF’ers Dream Come True + Weekend in Review

Hello All!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and had the chance to do something fun. This weekend, my Little FFF’er dream came true! For those of you who don’t know what a Little FFF’er is, it’s a nickname for the listeners of Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up with Taylor which is the show I listen to on Sirius XM Every. Single. Day. Seriously though, those of you who know me know I quote things I’ve heard on the show like 50 times a day. I’m obsessed.

This Saturday, Kenny Zimlinghaus, one of the hosts of the show was in town doing a comedy show. EEEEEKKKK! So naturally, I made Jenica come along for the fun! We grabbed dinner before at a local bar and had some delicious food and drinks!

unnamed (1)

I had a blackberry mojito and Jenica had a classic mojito! YUM!


unnamed (2)

I had the grilled avocado and sweet chili chicken salad. YUM!

unnamed (3)

We got thumbs up stamps because we’re cool. The hecklers in the row behind us definitely should have gotten thumbs down stamps!

unnamed (5)

Selfie from our second row seats! I was trying to act super cool about it but I was freaking out inside! EEEKKK!

unnamed (6)

And we even got to meet Kenny after the show! Try not to be jealous peeps!

unnamed (7)

Best. Night. Ever. We had so much fun even though the venue was sweltering hot and lacking air conditioning! Thanks for the laughs, Kenny! You’re awesome!

unnamed (8)

I also did a 5k this weekend! Here’s a preview of the outfit I wore. Bet you’re wondering what kind of race required that outfit arn’t you?!?! I’ll have a full race recap up soon!


Questions of the Day:

Who’s your favorite comedian?

What would you like to see me do a blog post about in the future?


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