Go HAWKS and Smelly Fridges!

Hello All!

This morning I was fully expecting to be running a little late for work because I decided I absolutely could not sit at work for another second with our stinky fridge and I NEEDED to stop at the grocery store to get some baking soda to try to remedy the problem. We’ve cleaned it out completely and it still smells so horrible that the sticky smell made it’s way out into the hallway yesterday. EEEEEKKKK! We had to spray the office with Lysol spray and turn all our fans on overnight to try to clear out the smell! Horrible, I know! I’m hoping this will make it better!

photo 3

Since I decided to make a quick stop at the grocery store before heading down to catch my bus to get to work, I was fully expecting to be greeted by a driver and riders that I don’t usually see. That’s why I was so excited to see my normal bus was running 2 minutes behind so when the bus doors opened, it was my normal bus driver! YAY! She may be kind of grumpy, but the other drivers on that route are crazy drivers, so I was very happy to see her! Little victories! 🙂 (For those of you that might be wondering, yes, I do have a car but I work in an area that doesn’t offer a lot of parking, so my company offers us free bus passes to make up for it. Hence why I ride the bus to work.)

photo 4

I couldn’t stop thinking about this breakfast on my ride into work this morning. I get it as a treat sometimes from a small cafe in my building. Not exactly the healthiest choice, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I was SO sick last night for some reason that I couldn’t get off my couch to make something to eat for dinner. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t stomach eating anything at all, even though I was starving. Don’t worry though, even though I felt like I was dying, I still managed to get caught up with my favorite television show, Married at First Sight.


Source here.

Have you guys been watching this show?!?! I love love love it so much! I’m team Doug and Jamie and Jason and Cortney. What about you?


I’m so excited for the Hawks first regular season game today! I got to break out my 12th Man arm warmers and brand spanking new Super Bowl Championship jersey this morning! How exciting to be able to say your hometown team are the current Super Bowl Champs! The 12th Man is strong in Seattle today! GO HAWKS!


Question of the Day

What television shows are you looking forward to this season?

Who’s you’re favorite NFL team?

What’s you’re favorite breakfast guilty pleasure?


Share Your Thoughts :)

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