Vacationing in a Small Town

Hello All!

I spent the last few days in Joseph, Oregon visiting my cousin and her kiddos before they move. Hopefully they will still be the same distance away (they currently live around 7 hours away) or closer than they are now, once they move closer to her husbands’ work! I wanted to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and make a trip out to see my cousin, their cabin, her 6 month old twins and 2 year old son before the big move. This was the first time that I was able to meet the twins, so I was excited to see them before they grew up too much!

For those of you who don’t know where Joseph, OR is, here are some of the dirty details. It’s about 5 and a half hours east of Portland, which is NOT the capital of Oregon, in case you were wondering (It’s Salem)! It’s a small mountain town with a population of 1,081 when the census was taken in 2010. The town was originally named Silver Lake or Lake City, but was officially named after Nez Perce Indian Chief Joseph in 1880. (Source here.)

Okay… okay… I’m done boring you with a history lesson now. On to the fun photos from my trip!

photo 4c

Let me first start this out by saying this is the closest I got to my beloved spin bike all weekend.

photo 1a

Though I did seriously consider entering this triathlon for a second, until I realized I don’t have a road bike yet. I’ve gotta work on that one because I really want to start doing bike races and eventually tri’s.

photo 2

My weekend looked a little more like this with spicy deep fried pickle chips and LOTS of chocolate.

photo 2b

Arrowhead Chocolates is known for their small handcrafted batches of delicious chocolates and their various chocolate flavored drinks made with the same chocolate they use for their candies!

photo 1b

photo 5a

photo 4a

They even give you the leftovers on a spoon to enjoy while you wait for your drink.

photo 2a

I got a milk chocolate hot chocolate and a coconut and huckleberry truffle, which I managed to loose before I had the chance to eat them.

photo 1d

I got some really cool sunglasses and some awesome new shirts from some of the shops in town.

photo 4b

Appreciated some local artwork with my mom (right) and aunt (left).

photo 5c

Defaced public property without getting caught…

photo 3c

Took shadow pictures…

photo 1c

Visited some of the local watering holes…

photo 5

photo 4e

Saw some wildlife and farm animals while driving down the road…

photo 4d

Spent some quality time keeping my little cousin out of trouble…


(He even gave me his special leaf!)

photo 5d

Visited Wallowa Lake…

photo 1e

Got my feet wet (it’s not exactly a white sandy beach, but it’ll do!)…

photo 2c


Had some quality family time…

photo 3d

and was even able to find some SmartWater in a zero stop light town!

We had an absolute blast catching up and I was happy to be able to have this visit and a girls road trip with my mom and aunt to look back on. Thanks to my cousin for sharing her lovely family with us for the weekend! You’re the best! ❤

photo 2d


9 thoughts on “Vacationing in a Small Town

    • Thanks lady! I know! Those truffles are $1.50 a pop so it was an expensive loss in chocolate! He’s adorbs. It was so sweet of him to give it to me. I have it in my wallet now. 🙂

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  1. Good recap. Had the pickles again just after you left. If you want REALLY good friend pickles and dip, fly to Texas and go to Razoo’s. Yummmmm. Loved having y’all.


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