Make Me Happy Monday 9.1.14

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday!!! Nothing like a bonus day off to start the week off right!

Music Pick of the Week
The first thing that has been making me happy this week is the song “Storyline” by Hunter Hayes. This song has been stuck in my head for the last week, so I thought it deserved a spot on the list!

I was lucky enough to meet Hunter Hayes a few years ago before his first album came out and he was amazingly talented. I’d highly recommend checking out some of his stuff, if you’re into country music!

TV Show of the Week
I just finished watching season 3 of Girls, thanks to my HBO Go subscription. I’ve been watching an episode or two on my laptop before bed and it’s been amazing. This show is simply delicious and I can’t wait for season 4! Shoshanna is my favorite character. Who’s yours?!?

Source here.

Food Pick of the Week
Since I’m a girl, I can’t resist chocolate even though I’m lactose intolerant. It’s definitely better off for my health if I don’t eat dairy products on SO many different levels, but there are just some things that only chocolate can fix.

During my trip to Joseph, OR to visit my cousin and her lovely kiddos we visited Arrowhead Chocolates for a midday treat. They make all their beverages with REAL chocolate, not that powdered crap, and they give you the leftovers on a spoon to enjoy while you wait for your drink! YUM!!! (I’ll have more about this shop in my vacay recap blog coming up, if you’re interested.)

photo 4a

Fashion Find of the Week
I’ve been in the market for some fun new sunglasses so it seemed meant to be when I found these. Too bad I found them on the last day of August and won’t have as many sunny days to enjoy them on. Oh well. At least I’ll be prepared for next year!

photo 1d

Moment of the Week
Spending time at Wallowa Lake with my family. I spent time throwing rocks in the water and running around with this little guy and we had a blast. He laughed with pure joy every time he threw rocks into the lake and saw them splash. I decided my new goal is to be as happy with everything I do as my cousin was throwing rocks in the lake this weekend. I know that’s easier said than done as an adult, but everyone’s gotta have goals in life, right?!?


Question of the Day:
What was something that made you happy this week?

How did you choose to spend your bonus day off?


2 thoughts on “Make Me Happy Monday 9.1.14

    • Thanks for having us! I’m glad I got to spend time with you again. It’s been too long! I’m also glad I finally got to see your place and meet the babies. Glad I made a friend in the little one too! 🙂


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